Burning an extra 100 calories during the day doesn’t have to be an exhausting ordeal. There are many simple activities that you probably perform anyways on a daily basis that boost calorie expenditures.

Just window shopping for an extra 33 minutes each day can burn an extra 100 calories due to the extra walking involved. You can also burn around 100 calories in 55 minutes when you are simply sitting down and knitting a new design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clean your house, with some vigorous sweeping and mopping for about 25 minutes and you will have lopped 100 calories off your calorie total for the day.
  • Go for a thirty-minute stroll for another 100 calorie banishing maneuver and make it fun by shopping as you go

1. Clean Your House

burn calories without a gym - cleaning house

Dig out the broom and mop and get to it! Not only will 25 minutes of cleaning burn off 100 calories, it will leave you with a spick and span home..

2. Go Window Shopping

burn calories without a gym - shop

Checking out the latest fashions and gadgets at the mall will fry 100 calories in a mere 33 minutes!

3. Take a Lunchtime Stroll

burn calories without a gym - walk at lunch

Spend the first third of your lunch hour strolling around outside. It’s an easy way to squeeze in some daily exercise and works off about 100 calories.

3. Dig In the Dirt

burn calories without a gym - gardening

Tending to your garden for 22 minutes is a great way to incinerate 100 calories while getting some fresh air.

4. Catch Up On Your Ironing

Woman ironingWe know it’s ironing is an annoying chore, but setting aside time to catch up on all of your wrinkled clothing can benefit your waistline and your wardrobe. Sixty minutes is all it takes to blast away 100 calories.

5. Have a Walking Meeting

burn calories without a gym - walking meeting

You and your co-workers can easily burn 100 calories in just 38 minutes by taking your meeting outside the conference room.

6. Take a Weekend Hike

burn calories without a gym - hiking

Take in the sights and sounds of nature all while burning off mega calories. Just 15 minutes into your hike, you’ll have burned off 100 calories—and most trips last far longer than that!

7. Go Mini Golfing

woman happy mini golfing

A 37 minute game of putt-putt will incinerate 100 calories!

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